Are you using Pinterest for your small business?

With more than 70 million active users and steadily growing Pinterest has become one of the giant social media networks along with Twitter and Facebook. On this infographic, courtesy of, you can see how important Pinterest can be for any small business.

Facts you should know about using Pinterest for your small business:

  • Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world.
  • As a business use Pinterest to quickly and easily bookmark, organize and share useful and beautiful visual ideas to your new Pinterest followers.
  • 58% of its users are female while 42% are male users.
  • Pinterest is not only a social media network, but also a place where businesses are seeing direct sales.
  • Use this giant of social media to show your products, ideas and how to’s of your business.

Internet Retailers- Online retailers can share “How To” guides that go along with their businesses.

Local Products- If your business sells tangible products why not use Pinterest to post images of your latest arrivals?

Specialized Services- Whether it’s cutting hair, making birthday cakes, or designing clothes for dogs the truth is that nowadays any business can take advantage of Pinterest and show the world the services they provide.

using pinterest for small business

Are you using Pinterest for your small business?

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