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Looking for easy ways to get more Instagram followers rapidly?

Its been a few months now since you created your Instagram account, but for some reason your number of followers has stalled, and hasn’t grown in weeks, be calm though because this has happened to all of us. For this reason I have decided to write this blog post with some uncomplicated ways you can start getting more Instagram followers fast for your business or brand.

You may be reading this post simply because you want your Instagram images to be seen by more people, or you may just want to gain more followers on this social media network as a personal goal. However, with more than 150 million active users as of September 2013, Instagram has already positioned itself as a powerful social media platform that can be easily used by any entrepreneur or business for Internet marketing, and believe me, an Instagram account with thousands of followers can be converted into a powerful tool which you can use to promote your services, your personal brand and business for free! Webmasters, SEO firms, artists, fashion stores and musicians among others are already using Instagram. What’s stopping you?

Ways To Get More Instagram Followers Our list of tips to get more followers on Instagram are the following:


Number one rule in Instagram is the use of #hashtags. In a form of gaining more engagement toward your images try using hashtags on each and every one of the images you upload. The use of hashtags is without any doubt one of the best ways to give more visibility to your Instagram photos, so we recommend that you include two or three in each image you decide to share.

The use of hashtags in Instagram is similar to the use of hashtags on Twitter, so its a fundamental key to tag all of your pictures with words that describe it so that other users can easily find them.

Social networks

Basically the idea to use other social media networks is to use your other social media profiles to promote your Instagram account, for example, one way of doing it would be adding your Instagram username in the section of your Facebook and Twitter profile information.

Another way of getting more Instagram followers is to use Facebook and find “Instagram Groups” and kindly asking others to follow you for a follow back. Doing this a couple times a week can get you a good handful of followers in a short time.

Trending Topics

Seriously, do you think that by uploading photos of you and your friends you’re going to generate enough interest for people to follow you? Uploading images with your friends having breakfast is not bad at all but generating engagement with these kind of images only works well if you’re famous, and if you’re reading this I’m very sure you’re not.

Looking for the hottest Instagram #hashtags and keeping up with the latest trending topics should be in your priority list. Try uploading images associated with the most popular hashtags. A good site to use is in the “Hot” section.

Follow famous celebrities and big brands:

Another good option is to start following famous celebrities and making comments on their photos. Who knows?, maybe you can get their fans to follow you and even the own celebrity or company may decide to do so.


This practice with such good results in the blogging world can also be applied to Instagram, one of the best ways of telling other users that you exist is to comment on other people’s photos. “No Spam” please… because you can easily get the opposite effect. Try making comments on images with few or zero comments so you have more visibility. Many times we think that leaving a comment on an image with thousands of comments we’re going to get more visibility and I really don’t think so, since nobody stops to read the comments on a photo that has hundreds or thousands of them, that would be crazy!

As you can see these effortless tips are intended for anyone to put them into practice, without requiring much time, or knowledge.

Another easy and fast way to get more Instagram followers is by simply leaving your Instagram @username in the comments box below or buy them like SEO firms and artists do it..

What are your tricks to get more followers?

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