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Twitter Followers, Retweets And Likes For Sale | Twitter’s Black Market

Twitter’s black market for fake followers continues to grow..

Have you ever wondered how much can 1000 followers on Twitter cost? There are sites that sell Twitter followers, retweets and likes where anyone can purchase packages starting at $5 dollars while a package of 50 Retweets can have a cost of around $10 dollars.

twitter followers, retweets and likesWith an estimate of 500 million users Twitter has become one of the most successful startup companies of all time by market capitalization, revenue, growth and cultural impact. However, it is estimated that 20 million users on this social media network are fake, representing 4% of the total users.

The above figures are part of a study by two Italian researchers, Andrea Stroppa and Carlo De Micheli as published in one of the New York Times blogs. The researchers used several of the best sites to purchase Twitter followers. Something similar had been done in the middle of last year by Barracuda Labs, which to date remains one of the most comprehensive reports on the subject.

Stroppa and Micheli found that, to a large extent, the problem originates with the ease of been able to create fake accounts on Twitter. One seller said they owned a software that could be able to create 100,000 new Twitter followers in 5 days. The same seller stated that even “a kid could avoid Twitter’s defenses”.

Fake Twitter accounts vary widely in sophistication, from the most primitive, with no profile image, no biography description and only a few followers or activity, to accounts that could pass for authentic with a detailed Bio, a couple of thousand followers and with a live stream of recent tweets. The black market of Twitter followers has indeed grown without precedents. It has become a very advanced game and the earnings in this industry are starting to rise rapidly. Merchants sellers can earn up to $3 to $ 30 per account and it is estimated that this business could be reporting earnings from 40 to 360 million dollars annually.

Why doesn’t Twitter do anything?

Although last year Twitter sued 5 companies creators of spamming software, including TweetAdder, this clearly is not enough. Their statement regarding fake Twitter followers is that its not that easy to detect these false accounts, since 40% of the users only reads and writes little or nothing. A study from 2013 analyzed 36 million accounts and revealed that:

  • 25% of Twitter’s users have never sent a tweet.
  • 6% of the users don’t have any followers.
  • 10% of Twitter’s registered users don’t follow anyone.
  • 60% of the users don’t have a Bio description.

buying twitter follows

I’m not sure how much more difficult this bullet points statements can make it for Twitter to delete these fake accounts since the patterns of use of inactive users are very different than the bots or false accounts. Without a doubt its certainly more complicated to review an account activity with account facts, but Twitter would do well to devote more time into this problem, because it is something that can become a serious problem. There are tools to verify this in our accounts, but a solution at the level of the entire platform is needed ASAP.

In the meantime, the problem with Twitter followers, retweets and likes for sale remains and it doesn’t seem like is going to disappear soon. As long as there are “professionals” and unscrupulous agencies to fool their customers, and worse still, as long as there are brands and companies that only use the number of followers as the only metric of success, traffickers of followers will continue to see their business grow like never before.

What do you think of Twitter’s black market of followers? Would you buy Twitter followers for your business?

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Why Is SEOprofiler The Favorite SEO Software Tool Of Webmasters?

SEOprofiler the favorite SEO software among internet marketers and webmasters

Are you struggling with SEO and getting your website or blog listed on the search engines? Has your website been suffering from the latest Google’s new algorithm update that has already impacted more more than 90 percent of worldwide searches called “Hummingbird“? What you need is a comprehensive SEO solution that helps you get that number one spot on Google for the keywords that, as a webmaster, you always dreamed about. You need a product that has been tested and proven like SEOprofiler a program that can help you get those great Google ranks that you need to see real success with your online business.

seoprofiler software seo tool  Get Started Now

 The program is free to try so you can get a feel for it and learn how it can help your ‘serps‘ position. This is a sophisticated SEO software tool that will help you get that great Google rank so you’re website is the one that gets the traffic and not your competitors. SEOprofiler has powerful webpage optimization features that can definitely help boost your page rank on Google by a wide margin. The number of pages and keywords you can optimize vs. your competitors pages is unlimited and the program is 100% whitehat so you won’t be getting your site in trouble with Google, the world’s largest search engine.

I have been using it for more than a year now and what really got me into it was its “keyword research tools” so you’ll know which keywords are going to work for your web page and bring in the best traffic numbers. The software has the ability to scan your website and look for potential problems that might make it difficult to get it listed in the search engines correctly. You can also use this tool so see the SEO tactics of your competitors so you can get ahead of them in the game. You’ll be able to track your results plus you’ll have a lot of search engine optimization tools that are available to you with SEOprofiler 2014.


  • Get on the 1st page of Google to dramatically increase your exposure. You’ll have the tools you need to increase your rank in the search engines.

  • You can use this program to track your position in the search engines so you can see how you’re doing for various keywords and if you have to change any keywords to get a better performance. You can also see how you’re doing on other search engines and how you’re doing in other languages too.
  • You can use this program to see how your competitors are doing and where they are ranking so you can get ahead of them in the search engines. There’s tools with the program that will help you do this.
  • With this program you’ll get high quality backlinks to your website. You can use the backlinks tool and you’ll still be in compliance with Google rules so you won’t be penalized.
  • This program helps you find the best keywords so you know which ones are going to help you get the traffic your website needs to be successful online.
  • This program also shows you how much you’re website is “LIKED” online through various social media circles, as it shows retweets, mentions, likes, and so on in regards to your business online.

favorite seo software tool

SEOprofiler is the best SEO tool you can possibly use. And besides counting with a ton of great features that you can use to ensure your website gets a great rank on the search engines and the traffic that you need to be a success online with your business its also the favorite SEO software tool of webmasters.

 Try SEOprofiler for FREE.

Can You Earn Money With Twitter?

Easy ways to gain cash using Twitter!

It may not be easy to earn money with Twitter as it may be with a blog that offers good daily content, receives thousands of unique visits per day and one that you can insert Google adsense, or any other type of advertisement. To some of my colleagues it’s probably easier to earn money using Facebook since this network has already converted  into a direct marketing platform and is used by well known brands. However, the 140 character microblog can also be used to earn some extra bucks directly and indirectly. A few months ago I wrote a posts with a list of a couple of sites where you can start earning money with Twitter and on this blog posts I’ll throw in some more great ideas.

earn money with twitter As many of us know, Twitter has become a marketing beast during the last few years. Everyday thousands of people join Twitter, some devote hours on Twitter learning on how to use it, others use it to communicate with  other people, to get more customers and to develop a community around their brand, I use Twitter for all the above, to keep up with the latest trends and worldwide news and gather information on different topics. But very few people know the secrets to earn money using this microblog.

 1- Start earning cash with your Twitter account as an affiliate:

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting products or services from another company in exchange for a commission. In other words you get rewarded by the company you’re promoting for each visitor or customer brought by your own marketing efforts to their webpage.

Many affiliate programs are now using Twitter to achieve their objectives, and I think it’s an excellent way to reach more potential clients. Here’s a short list of some affiliate marketing companies that allow Twitter to promote their products.

iTunes – This affiliate program allows you to earn commissions by linking to iTunes content like music, apps, books and more. You can place links to songs, albums, artists, apps and more on your website, app or emails earning a commission on all qualifying revenue generated by your affiliate links. iTunes also lets you place affiliate links on your social profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc). NOTE: They will only accept your affiliate application if you count with a website or blog URL.

Amazon– You don’t have to be an internet guru to use Amazon’s affiliate program and take advantage of their marketing tools. Simply cut-and-paste the link of the desired products you would like to advertise – there are millions of options. Showcase the hottest deals from Amazon on your Twitter account by simply posting a quick update to  Twitter with a link to the Amazon page you are viewing.

Cityblis– With the Cityblis affiliate program you can earn money with everything you share and post – products pictures, photos, videos, logos, banners, links and according to what it says on their affiliate page they offer 100% on commissions. Cityblis is perfect for bloggers and website owners. You can also use your Facebook account to promote their latest fashion designs, your Pinterest board,  Twitter account, Instagram profile and even on Tumblr. All you gotta do is drive traffic to Cityblis. With over 30,000 products from designers in more than 60 different countries, there is something for everyone.

 2- Earn money with Sponsored Tweets

Setting up a Sponsored Tweets account will only take a couple of seconds by linking your Twitter account to this advertising platform. A lot of internet marketers and well known artists have already embraced Twitter as a tool to make extra money by sending sponsored tweets promoting different products. Take as an example, Kim Kardashian, who made $10,000 dollars by posting a sponsored tweet using her account and Audrina Patridge, reality star from MTV’s “The Hills,” makes $2,600 per tweet.

earning money with twitter

Let’s admit it, most of us might never be able to send sponsored tweets and earn these exorbitant amounts of money, but if you can make a few extra bucks its still more than good. To be eligible for this advertising platform your Twitter account should be at least 60 days old with 50 followers and 100 tweets sent. Sponsored Tweets will then review your application, and once you’re approved you can start earning money right away. You can learn more about how Sponsored Tweets works here.

Similar sites to Sponsored Tweets

  • Paid Per Tweet – Monetize your Twitter account using “Paid per Tweet”. Get paid by advertising  big companies! You can set your price to “tweet” products promos, website links, services, press releases and help companies gain more online exposure.
  • Twivert – Twivert provides “value ads” which you can share with your friends through twitter. When someone clicks on these ads you get paid, that’s it. They currently reach around 10,578,457 twitter users.
  • RevtwtRevTwt is an advertising and pay-per-click membership program that works through posting ads on the popular social networking site, Twitter. Members of this site display ads on Twitter through their accounts and this program pays every time someone clicks on that ad or signs up for an offer through the ad.

If you decide to use any of these advertising platforms to earn money with Twitter, remember that some of these sites are better than others. Their all FREE to sign up, but it all depends on if this is something for you.  If you are an active social media user and have lots of Twitter followers then you may want to check one of these platforms out.  However, if you are a casual user on Twitter then this might not be for you.  It’s your call and hopefully you will find this post useful.  If you use any of these platforms, please share your thoughts and success in the comments below or via @imelseda


9 Effortless Methods To Attract More Facebook Likes Without Buying Them!

Simple ways to gain more Facebook likes without buying them!

Without any doubt Facebook has become the most used social networking service worldwide and with more than 1.15 billion monthly users as of January 2014 no one can doubt about its enormous marketing power. However, to be able to become a successful brand on Facebook, you will have to build a community and the more numerous your community is, much better. Your business needs people who hear you and share common interest. You need to have a Facebook community that reads your posts, interacts with you and shares your content. In this post we’ll write about nine effortless methods that can help you attract and gain more Facebook likes without buying them..

Here’s a list of 9 tips to increase the ‘likes‘ on your business fanpage:

more facebook likes

1- Complete all your “Facebook Business Page” details

Your Facebook page is the first thing many visitors, who still don’t know your business, will first see. A good “About Us” page of your business is always efficient. Be sure to put your fanpage on the correct category adding your address with contact details. Not only we will inform the users of our activity, but it will allow Facebook to know what kind of organization we are and thus suggest our business fanpage when users find pages similar to ours, acquiring more likes in the long run.

2- Ask friends, colleagues, and co-workers to give a “Like” to your new FB fanpage

We all know that friends are like underwear. Some break under pressure, others are annoying and other support you when you most need them. It’s always a good start inviting your friends to show your initiative some support. This will give your new fanpage a certain amount of credibility and visibility that can easily bring more organic likes without the need to purchase them.

3- Organize an “Event” or “Contest”

Organizing a Facebook fan page contest is not a difficult task. Many companies and well known brands have already created  contests on Facebook with excellent results, gaining thousands of organic fans. Have in mind, though, that when creating an “Event or Contest” there will be several things that you need to know of. For the most .. you have to make sure that your “Event” complies with the Facebook guidelines. A good page to start with your new events is This App is approved by Facebook and one of its great advantages is that for someone to participate in your event has to “Like” your page first. Aslo make sure to create an application that is mobile adapted, and easy to participate in.

4- Post attractive content

One of the best ways to gain likes for your page is by posting quality content on an ongoing basis. Post images and videos related to what your business does and try to encourage that line of communication. If your posts are valuable to your followers they will, most sure, share them with their friends, helping you to get even more likes and remember that posts with images receive more likes, so be sure that your posts aren’t text only.

5- Like and interact with other businesses and FB communities

Did you know that Facebook allows you to interact as Fan Page? This is a great way to increase your visibility among other communities similar to yours as well as among their followers. To be able to interact on Facebook using your business Fanpage ‘s name you should first visit your Facebook page, click on ‘edit page‘ and in the dashboard panel click on ‘Use Facebook as your Fanpage business’.

6- Use Facebook Ads / Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are another great way of gaining ‘organic likes’ for your business.. To get the most out of your ads, you can segment them according to the interests of your community and find similarities with your current fans / followers.

Facebook Ads are designed to help advertisers show people ads they find interesting and relevant.

A good thing about running ads on Facebook is that it allows us to choose the geographic location we would like to target and besides being able to target age, gender, and particular interests you can also set your budget and time frame of your ads. I personally recommend, though, that if you’re gonna invest in FB ads try experimenting with different types of ads to find out which ones have better conversion and social engagement.

how to attract more facebook likes 7- Add social plugins to your website

Visitors to your website should be able to find your Facebook fanpage link easily. Our recommendation is to install some of the social plugins that are available all over the net to collect likes from your webpage. These plugins can include a like button, and photos of your fans just like the one you see on our right sidebar of this blog. Have a WordPress site? Go to your plugins section and click on ‘add new plugin’, and search for Facebook likes. Choose the one that’s most convenient for your webpage and you’re good to go.

8- Identify your fans interests

Learn how to use the Facebook graphs and statistics, as this will give you real insights of the people that have liked your page. Once you know what your fans interests are, give it to them, make them happy with giveaways, discounts and special offers as this will certainly increase the interaction of your business fanpage. If your fanpage, for example, is about music, use the Facebook insights graph to help you identify which posts get more attention, the rock n’ roll posts, the country music posts or the Youtube videos you upload..!

9- Be active

By now you should already know what to posts to your fans and how often you should publish! The next thing should know is that there isn’t a magic formula in Facebook. Everything very much will depend on your market and niche, but it would still help if you posts at least once a day.

What’s clear is that, if there is no activity on your Facebook page, it will be difficult to get a ‘ like’ unless you might want to purchase Facebook fans just like SEO firms, webmasters, artists and musicians do..

We all know that there’s plenty of more simple ways to boost your fanpage and get more likes. Which method(s) have you used to gain popularity in Facebook? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and don’t be shy.
In the meantime Find us in Facebook.

Uncomplicated Ways To Get More Instagram Followers Fast!

Looking for easy ways to get more Instagram followers rapidly?

Its been a few months now since you created your Instagram account, but for some reason your number of followers has stalled, and hasn’t grown in weeks, be calm though because this has happened to all of us. For this reason I have decided to write this blog post with some uncomplicated ways you can start getting more Instagram followers fast for your business or brand.

You may be reading this post simply because you want your Instagram images to be seen by more people, or you may just want to gain more followers on this social media network as a personal goal. However, with more than 150 million active users as of September 2013, Instagram has already positioned itself as a powerful social media platform that can be easily used by any entrepreneur or business for Internet marketing, and believe me, an Instagram account with thousands of followers can be converted into a powerful tool which you can use to promote your services, your personal brand and business for free! Webmasters, SEO firms, artists, fashion stores and musicians among others are already using Instagram. What’s stopping you?

Ways To Get More Instagram Followers Our list of tips to get more followers on Instagram are the following:


Number one rule in Instagram is the use of #hashtags. In a form of gaining more engagement toward your images try using hashtags on each and every one of the images you upload. The use of hashtags is without any doubt one of the best ways to give more visibility to your Instagram photos, so we recommend that you include two or three in each image you decide to share.

The use of hashtags in Instagram is similar to the use of hashtags on Twitter, so its a fundamental key to tag all of your pictures with words that describe it so that other users can easily find them.

Social networks

Basically the idea to use other social media networks is to use your other social media profiles to promote your Instagram account, for example, one way of doing it would be adding your Instagram username in the section of your Facebook and Twitter profile information.

Another way of getting more Instagram followers is to use Facebook and find “Instagram Groups” and kindly asking others to follow you for a follow back. Doing this a couple times a week can get you a good handful of followers in a short time.

Trending Topics

Seriously, do you think that by uploading photos of you and your friends you’re going to generate enough interest for people to follow you? Uploading images with your friends having breakfast is not bad at all but generating engagement with these kind of images only works well if you’re famous, and if you’re reading this I’m very sure you’re not.

Looking for the hottest Instagram #hashtags and keeping up with the latest trending topics should be in your priority list. Try uploading images associated with the most popular hashtags. A good site to use is in the “Hot” section.

Follow famous celebrities and big brands:

Another good option is to start following famous celebrities and making comments on their photos. Who knows?, maybe you can get their fans to follow you and even the own celebrity or company may decide to do so.


This practice with such good results in the blogging world can also be applied to Instagram, one of the best ways of telling other users that you exist is to comment on other people’s photos. “No Spam” please… because you can easily get the opposite effect. Try making comments on images with few or zero comments so you have more visibility. Many times we think that leaving a comment on an image with thousands of comments we’re going to get more visibility and I really don’t think so, since nobody stops to read the comments on a photo that has hundreds or thousands of them, that would be crazy!

As you can see these effortless tips are intended for anyone to put them into practice, without requiring much time, or knowledge.

Another easy and fast way to get more Instagram followers is by simply leaving your Instagram @username in the comments box below or buy them like SEO firms and artists do it..

What are your tricks to get more followers?

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