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This year 2013 has been filled with a lot of innovative changes as far as social media marketing is concerned. As this year comes to an end internet marketers are looking forward to what the marketing terrain will be like in the year 2014. It is predicted that mobile marketing will surpass normal ways of online marketing, #hashtags are on their way to become a leading online search tool and social media will become an essential aspect of all business strategies.

Indeed, 92 percent of marketers already use content marketing, and 58 percent of B2B and 60 percent of B2C marketers plan to increase their budgets in this space over the next 12 months.

Nowadays every brand has the same ability to communicate in social networks, closeout a successful year and prepare for the 2014 looking for greater performance and more challenging goals.

fully exploit your brand using social mediaThe last month of the year has its own emotional & commercial peculiarities that prepare users to receive thousands of offers and see miscellaneous messages with an incentive to buy in the Christmas season.

From Social Media Combo, a social marketing company providing affordable packages where webmasters, SEO firms, journalists and musicians are able to buy Twitter followers without following and Facebook likes to help any business fanpage on their contests and promotions, we want to share three ways your business can take advantage of in 2014 and fully exploit your brand using social media, generating promotional actions of incentive and engagement.

Your brand should take advantage of the trend and follow simple steps:


  1. Seduce & Attract: Think wisely on strategies that call the attention of your audience and generate interest because this way you can  connect the user with your ideas engaging him/her to be part of your brand. Some strategies may be in the visual attraction with a contest of images. You can also use sites like Pinterest and Instagram for image contests. Be creative, though, and show the world what you have to offer with a gallery of products.
  2. Be YOURSELF: We’ve all seen how BIG and small brands create contests, the important thing is to be different in the prize/gift or the way to reward your customers. Think of gifts that will engage your customers with your brand. Five ways to choose a cash prize for a contest can start to awake the desire, expectations, connect the award/prize with your brand, risk but win and rely on simplicity.
  3. Sell: Planning your social media strategy for 2014 is and should be all about selling! Right? For that to happen we have to learn first how to communicate your personal brand in a more personal way with more efficient communication with your audience. Once you dominate this you can offer products or services with a lot more trust.

Visit SocialMediaCombo.Net and start preparing for the explosion of your brand on Facebook, and Twitter in 2014.

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