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One of the most common concerns among businesses that have decided to create a Facebook page is what to post to gain more fans and followers and have an attractive fanpage.

Depending on the type of business you have, you can publish in many ways on your Facebook page to add value to the experience of your fans/followers, build goodwill toward your business and maintain constant interaction with your audience.

what to post on facebookBusinesses that sell products online
(Eg. beauty products, accessories, clothes)

-Give a BIG WELCOME to your new fans; Make them feel unique and not like “just another fan”. Remember, anyone  who “likes” your page is now a direct client so you must make them feel as at your home or office. A group greeting of welcome and interactions with ‘like’ will give you a special touch to this friendly and commercial relationship that just beginning.

-Pictures of your products. High quality images with prices, full products description and a link that leads to the payment page.
-Ask your clients if their looking for something in particular from your business.
-News about your new products, updates, stock, etc.
-Pictures of your customers using your products.
-Special or seasonal promotions.
-Questions, opinions, phrases and information that reflect the values of your business.

If you’re promoting products online the above list is what your followers are going to be expecting from your business!

Services Business.
(Eg. Accounting Firm, consulting services, lawngarden services)

If you run a service business like for example an accounting firm or carpet cleaner company for this type of business to grow their fan base the key is to add value and don’t try to sell. The idea is to build a reputation based on your knowledge and experience to settle down as a reference for your item.

Your new Facebook fans will love that you post relevant links demonstrating that you know about your business. For example, a beauty and health business-oriented services can post something like: “Today we will show how to make a mask with natural home-made ingredients in five minutes”.

  • Your fanbase should also expect:

– Links to complementary services that your customers might need.
– Links to articles in your blog.  (If you don’t have a blog create one NOW!)
– Information on new services and new developments.
– Questions, opinions, statements and information that reflect the values of your business.
– Relevant Images of your products with links to your products.

Local services business
(Eg. travel agency, pet shop, mechanic shop, beauty salon )

The idea to create a FB fanpage is to encourage customers to book, visit and share your business; Do you own a local service business? Then you should do this on FB:

-Use Facebook events and promotions to publish special content.
-News about new staff and services, recognition, new technologies that you are using to improve services.
-Reminders. Customers buy at one time, but you can try to encourage them to purchase before with publications. EJ. “Do you need a haircut before the holidays? Appointments are running out! “or” we have just released our new canine daycare with spa included! There is still availability for this weekend if you call in now.”
-Offer your clients information about events or special times.
-Don’t forget about creating contests
-Questions, opinions, phrases and information that reflect the values of your business are valuable to your clients.

Food business or tourist site
(Eg. A café, bar, restaurant)

Owning a restaurant is a heck of an experience and your customers will love the story you got to tell about yours. If you’re in the food market, you own your little own place and you have your Facebook business fanpage setup already this is most probably what your clients will be expecting from you!

-Images of the ‘Experience’. A plate of food, a drink, the view from the place, etc., accompanied by a short description and a question. Ej. “Good Morning! Who makes the most delicious cappuccino in (Your Town’s Name)?
-News on the menu, awards, or a new product.
-Promotions. Discounts on specific days, jobs, live music.
-Entertainment. Pictures of your staff having fun, images of owner trying the new menu. (People love this things)
-Reminder of special dates. Mother’s day, Friends day, Valentines, etc.
-Images. Try to accompany all your Facebook postings with an attractive image and a link.
-Opening hours on special dates.
-Questions, opinions, phrases and information that reflect the values of your business.

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