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Easy ways to gain cash using Twitter!

It may not be easy to earn money with Twitter as it may be with a blog that offers good daily content, receives thousands of unique visits per day and one that you can insert Google adsense, or any other type of advertisement. To some of my colleagues it’s probably easier to earn money using Facebook since this network has already converted  into a direct marketing platform and is used by well known brands. However, the 140 character microblog can also be used to earn some extra bucks directly and indirectly. A few months ago I wrote a posts with a list of a couple of sites where you can start earning money with Twitter and on this blog posts I’ll throw in some more great ideas.

earn money with twitter As many of us know, Twitter has become a marketing beast during the last few years. Everyday thousands of people join Twitter, some devote hours on Twitter learning on how to use it, others use it to communicate with  other people, to get more customers and to develop a community around their brand, I use Twitter for all the above, to keep up with the latest trends and worldwide news and gather information on different topics. But very few people know the secrets to earn money using this microblog.

 1- Start earning cash with your Twitter account as an affiliate:

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting products or services from another company in exchange for a commission. In other words you get rewarded by the company you’re promoting for each visitor or customer brought by your own marketing efforts to their webpage.

Many affiliate programs are now using Twitter to achieve their objectives, and I think it’s an excellent way to reach more potential clients. Here’s a short list of some affiliate marketing companies that allow Twitter to promote their products.

iTunes – This affiliate program allows you to earn commissions by linking to iTunes content like music, apps, books and more. You can place links to songs, albums, artists, apps and more on your website, app or emails earning a commission on all qualifying revenue generated by your affiliate links. iTunes also lets you place affiliate links on your social profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc). NOTE: They will only accept your affiliate application if you count with a website or blog URL.

Amazon– You don’t have to be an internet guru to use Amazon’s affiliate program and take advantage of their marketing tools. Simply cut-and-paste the link of the desired products you would like to advertise – there are millions of options. Showcase the hottest deals from Amazon on your Twitter account by simply posting a quick update to  Twitter with a link to the Amazon page you are viewing.

Cityblis– With the Cityblis affiliate program you can earn money with everything you share and post – products pictures, photos, videos, logos, banners, links and according to what it says on their affiliate page they offer 100% on commissions. Cityblis is perfect for bloggers and website owners. You can also use your Facebook account to promote their latest fashion designs, your Pinterest board,  Twitter account, Instagram profile and even on Tumblr. All you gotta do is drive traffic to Cityblis. With over 30,000 products from designers in more than 60 different countries, there is something for everyone.

 2- Earn money with Sponsored Tweets

Setting up a Sponsored Tweets account will only take a couple of seconds by linking your Twitter account to this advertising platform. A lot of internet marketers and well known artists have already embraced Twitter as a tool to make extra money by sending sponsored tweets promoting different products. Take as an example, Kim Kardashian, who made $10,000 dollars by posting a sponsored tweet using her account and Audrina Patridge, reality star from MTV’s “The Hills,” makes $2,600 per tweet.

earning money with twitter

Let’s admit it, most of us might never be able to send sponsored tweets and earn these exorbitant amounts of money, but if you can make a few extra bucks its still more than good. To be eligible for this advertising platform your Twitter account should be at least 60 days old with 50 followers and 100 tweets sent. Sponsored Tweets will then review your application, and once you’re approved you can start earning money right away. You can learn more about how Sponsored Tweets works here.

Similar sites to Sponsored Tweets

  • Paid Per Tweet – Monetize your Twitter account using “Paid per Tweet”. Get paid by advertising  big companies! You can set your price to “tweet” products promos, website links, services, press releases and help companies gain more online exposure.
  • Twivert – Twivert provides “value ads” which you can share with your friends through twitter. When someone clicks on these ads you get paid, that’s it. They currently reach around 10,578,457 twitter users.
  • RevtwtRevTwt is an advertising and pay-per-click membership program that works through posting ads on the popular social networking site, Twitter. Members of this site display ads on Twitter through their accounts and this program pays every time someone clicks on that ad or signs up for an offer through the ad.

If you decide to use any of these advertising platforms to earn money with Twitter, remember that some of these sites are better than others. Their all FREE to sign up, but it all depends on if this is something for you.  If you are an active social media user and have lots of Twitter followers then you may want to check one of these platforms out.  However, if you are a casual user on Twitter then this might not be for you.  It’s your call and hopefully you will find this post useful.  If you use any of these platforms, please share your thoughts and success in the comments below or via @imelseda


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