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Have you tried video marketing for your business?

Most of the time when we hear the words “video marketing” we think of the high cost it might be for your business to get involved on a video campaign, but the truth is that is more cost effective than most of us think it is. Using Youtube video marketing for your business can bring you lots of benefits and in this post we want to share how you can start using Youtube for all your video marketing strategies.

using youtube marketingFirst of all let’s not forget who owns Youtube;

  • 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute and that’s more than one decade of daily content!
  • YouTube is localized in 61 countries and across 61 languages! (There’s no excuse on using this video site for your business)
  • Each month Youtube receives more than 1 billion unique visitors. Do you have the most minimum idea of what that means? That’s more than the total population in Europe!
  • Every day millions of people log into Youtube to watch funny and bizarre video clips, announcements, tutorials and presentations. We live in a world where 200 billion online videos are being watched monthly.
  • 6 billion hours of video are watched monthly. More than 450,000 years of video are viewed every month!
  •  The Mobile market occupies almost 40% of YouTube’s global watch time
  • YouTube is available on hundreds of millions of devices

Some of the advantages of using video marketing for your services or company:

  1. A good positioned video can definitely optimize any website’ s SEO.
  2. Your new video marketing strategy will make your business look better than your competition.
  3. Having videos on your company’s web site, or blog will eventually make users stay a longer time in it.
  4. A message that comes from a video is always more direct and clear.
  5. By inserting videos into your marketing strategy, you’ll be able to reach a new kind of audience which you had not been able to reach using plain content.
  6. It’s more comfortable and faster to watch a video than to read a text.
  7. The videos are shared more than written content.
  8. Making a video for any business using Youtube is Free.
  9. Getting lots of Youtube views to your videos also increases engagement.

How to use Youtube for the benefit of your business:

  • Think about what is your demographic target. 88% of Youtube users between 18 and 34 years are watching videos on a regular basis.
  • Choose the type of business video you want to create: It could be a video presentation of your company, a customer testimonials video, product demonstrations, case studies videos, commercial videos or a blog entry.
  • It is imperative that you listen to your audience every time you post a video, the comments they make are gonna be very useful in your next video and most important don’t ever forget to add a good “call to action” to your videos.
  • Its very important to capture the attention of your targeted audience in the first few seconds, so try to be clear and go straight to the message that you want to transmit.
  • Don’t forget to use your business or website main keywords in your video title and in the description area as well.
  • Share your new marketing video in all major social networks in which your company is actively involved. Write a blog post about it and don’t forget about creating a new Youtube channel describing what your new videos are going to be about.

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Do you have any experience or know about a case study with a successful story on video marketing? Why not share it?

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We don’t think its necessary for any business to have to buy Twitter followers as a way to improve their brand marketing strategies on this social media network but in case you’re looking for a few well known and trustworthy sites to buy Twitter followers we found a list that you can probably use. Gathering thousands of followers, as any internet marketer knows, is not an easy task and that’s perhaps the main reason behind the growth of so many social media followers and fans supplier sites.

best sites to buy Twitter followersI still remember when years ago Digg votes were very popular. Nowadays businesses, SEO firms and community managers are able to optimize their clients pages by buying Facebook likes, Youtube views and any other “artificial” service to artificially inflate their brands numbers on these major social media networks. For this reason we have decided to make this post about the best 4 sites to buy Twitter followers.

1- AddTwitter-Followers.Com- A PR4 site that only sells three services, Twitter followers, Twitter retweets and Instagram followers.

Counting large marketing firms and well-known brands and artists amongst its regular clients, has established itself as one of the hottest social media marketing tools on the market offering Twitter retweets for SEO! Getting or finding high quality twitter followers has been a large concern by many network marketers and businesses whose primary aim is to advertise through Twitter.

Among Add clients are small business owners, musicians, journalists, internet marketers and advertisers.

These Prices are the cheapest prices we’ve seen on similar sites:

2- SocialMediaCombo.Net- This company is well known because It includes Free followers on each order, they have great packages and great feedback:

Social Media Combo.Net is a professionally managed SEO and social media marketing company that has been long involved with the Internet industry. Their staff has years of professional experience. With help from the latest social marketing research, search engine and algorithm analysis concepts, this comapny has produced some of the most effective social media campaigns yet to date.

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3- CheapSocialMediaSEO.Com-  From this company SEO firms can optimize a variety of channels including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud Plays, Website traffic, Twitter followers and Retweets.

Cheap Social Media SEO provides affordable, effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media services to businesses, organizations and individuals who desire improved search rankings & web visibility.

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  • 500 Twitter followers for $6 dollars!
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4- SocialMediaCombo.Com- Well known to help you grow your Twitter followers and put your efforts in overdrive. offers exciting and low priced Twitter followers for social media, Facebook likes, Instagram followers and Youtube views packages at sightseeing discounts! They have the quantities and the prices you’ve been looking for!

Prices on this page start at

  • 500 Twitter followers for $7 dollars!
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  • 50,000+ followers for $220

While this post was about mentioning some of the best sites to buy Twitter followers for your brand’s social media optimization we do ask you to keep the big picture in view. Keep in mind that these strategies might not work for every business and if you do it constantly you might not ever find out your real impact online.

And remember, if you invest the time that you spend seeking shortcuts, you might as well spend some time doing a research on easy ways to get more Twitter followers without buying them and you will get much better results.

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